Through The Window Of My Eyes

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My dear children Parv and Pankti,

I cannot decide what gift to give you. Generally, grandparents give gifts of toys, chocolate, clothes, books etc. to their grandchildren. I have given you such gifts too. However, I wish to give you something more; something special. I believe that other children should also be able to use this gift. That is how I came upon this idea of writing an informative and inspiring but encouraging book based on my experiences, readings and travels etc in simple language for children. The technology is so advanced today that you can find much more information online than in my book. However, this book includes my own personal experiences, as well as my viewpoints and not just facts. At the very least, you will come to realize that this book is the result of your grandma’s (who you call Amma) desire to give you a special gift. I cannot be involved with you in as many activities as I was with your father because I do not feel as energetic any more. That is why I thought, let the words be our companions and let us talk through my writings. My only expectation from you is that you observe, understand and experience the world, enjoy it and conserve it carefully for the future generations. I thank your grandfather for his cooperation in my endeavor.

Love, nothing else but love,

Your dear Amma

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