scared for life heal forever


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About the Book What are these strange visions? What is wrong in her head? Why does she get strange feelings before incidents happen? Nishtha Vaidya is a survivor of a terrible natural calamity. Not only does she live on with survivor’s guilt, her mind is still there, on the ill-fated day and she could never come out of it. Just when things are beginning to settle slowly in the safe and cozy life in vibrant lifestyle of Gujarat – Nishtha is getting strange visions and headaches. Life is taking her back two years in time and she finds she is running around the state, saving different and unknown lives from mortal peril. Will Nishtha get answers to these mindboggling questions? Will Nishtha be able to pay tribute to her friends whom she lost? Has her untold love story got anything to do with it at all? Will Nishtha ever unburden herself?


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