Amazone Kindle Royalty System

May 19, 2016 ( 0 ) | ( 32,461 )

Kindle is one of the most popular cloud base eBook Reader. Let’s see how the system of getting revenue works on kindle and what is the core area of it.

The Prior Six Weeks’ Royalties report shows transactions and the royalties you’ve earned over the six weeks prior to the current week. You can toggle between countries to view the prior six weeks’ royalties for each marketplace your eBook is selling in.

Report Column Headings

After running a report, details display with some of the following columns:

Week ending: The date on which the week being reported ended.
ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number.
Units Sold: Number of units sold in the specified time period.
Units Refunded: Number of units for which a refund was issued.
Net Units Sold: Units Sold less Units Refunded.
Royalty Type: This indicates the royalty for your book (see below for royalty types).
Transaction Type: This indicates the type of transaction for your book (see below for transaction types).
Average List Price (without tax / VAT): The average list price (without tax / VAT)* at which the book was listed during the specified time period. We calculate the average list price using all (total) orders placed for your book, including refunds.
Average File Size (MB): The average file size* of your book during the specified time period.
Average Offer Price: The average offer price* at which the book was sold to customers during the specified time period.
Average Delivery Charge: The average delivery charge* for your book over the specified time period.
Royalty Payment (USD): Your earned royalties. For more information on how royalty payments are calculated, please review the Pricing Page and Terms & Conditions.

About transaction types and royalty types 

Here  is an overview of the Transaction and Royalty types. For details on royalty types, please review the Pricing Page.


Transaction Description
Kindle MatchBook Your book was sold as a part of the Kindle MatchBook program.
Free – Price Match In order to meet a price offered elsewhere online, your book was sold at no charge, so this transaction produced no revenue.
Free – Promotion Your book was offered in a Free Book Promotion.
Kindle Countdown Deals Your book was sold during a Kindle Countdown Deals promotion.
Standard Your book was sold as a standard Kindle book transaction.


Royalty Description
35% You will be paid based on the standard 35% royalty plan.
35% – promo You will be paid 35% of the promotional list price. For example, if your book has a regular list price of $9.99, for a promotional list price of $8.99, you will earn 35% of $8.99, or $3.15.
70% You will be paid royalty based on the standard 70% royalty plan.
70% – promo You will be paid based on the 70% royalty plan, using    the promotional list price to determine the amount. For example, if your book has a regular list price of $4.99, and one of your promotional prices is $1.99, you will earn 70% * ($1.99 – $0.15 * file size) , even if the promotional list    price is below the 70% royalty minimum outlined on the Pricing Page.
n/a Since this transaction produced no revenue, the royalty rate does not apply.


*Because List Price, File Size, Offer Price, and Delivery Charge can all change at any time, copies of the same book sold throughout the course of the specified time period may have had different values for each of these attributes. Therefore, average values are displayed.

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Best strategies to Market your Book

April 05, 2016 ( 0 ) | ( 1,082 )

There aren’t enough of strategies to be planned for running a campaign for your online published Book or eBook but there isn’t a standard method that you could follow. However, there are these common strategies that you could use to ensure that you do gain some eyeballs and you can place yourself in the bookshelf of Reader’s phone !!

So, what do you do to jump in the waters and keep yourself afloat?

  1. Posting Daily Content from Book– Be it concerning your reader growth, latest trends in the trade or regarding your content and knowledge share – posting daily content keeps your website afloat and daily updates enables search engines to know that you are genuine. Naturally, nothing works better than a website that is getting regularly updated – eaderbe it content.
  2. Using Facebook posts with Images about Book- Don’t just keep writing. Add pictures, photos or well-edited images to add life to the posts that you are adding to the Facebook page. Your Facebook page can be a run to the top in the market considering that it is the most popular and favorite social media platform among all.
  3. The social Media widget – Helps a lot as people who follow you on social media and come to your blog may like to share your post on their wall. The easiest method to get more attention is this way. You can use Blogger or WordPress as free blog platforms.
  4. Experiment on your blog – Your blog can be a place to interact with the world. You can turn it into a lab by just putting different variety of posts, playing with the tastes of your consumers, trying out different methods of writing, etc. The consumers would look forward to reading your blogs.
  1. Word of mouth about your Book– What better than asking immediate friends and associates to spread the word regarding your website and business! Have a little word around and that will compliment the online strategy that you are planning for your online store. A little nudge in the right direction takes off in good momentum.
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